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Recommended Accommodation (2) Ehime Prefecture: Tokiwa Ryokan

The distance from Temple 43, Meiseki-ji, to Temple 44, Daiho-ji, is about 70.4 km, the third longest distance between temples on the Shikoku pilgrimage. It takes about one hour by train, but if you walk, it is impossible to get there in one day. Therefore, many pilgrims stay overnight in Ozu on the way to the temple.

Among the accommodations in Ozu, we recommend you Tokiwa Ryokan, a small ryokan with six Japanese-style rooms about a seven-minute walk south of JR Iyo-Ozu, where you can relax in a warm atmosphere as if you were staying at a relative’s house. Varicolored Nishikigoi Carp swim leisurely in the pond in the courtyard of the inn, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The owner, Mr. Fujie (pictured above), is well versed in the pilgrimage routes of South side of Ehime and is happy to offer friendly travel advice. You can consult with him about your itinerary to Matsuyama City and ask him to book accommodation ahead of time. Although his English is not perfect, he is well versed in the walking pilgrimage, and he has is happy dealing with foreign pilgrims. He says, “We may not be able to communicate in words, but our hearts can connect.”

Use this ryokan as your base, you can extend your visit to the Bekkaku Temple 7 Shusseki-ji or Bekkaku Temple 8, Toyogagashi Eitoku-ji or you can visit the nearby Ozu Castle or Garyu Sanso Villa.
From September to mid-October, “Imotaki” is held on the banks of the Hijikawa River, so it may be interesting to go out for dinner (reservations required).
Why not take a break from your pilgrimage and spend a relaxing day in Ozu?
The ryokan is crowded in October to November, so please make reservations as early as possible.

Tokiwa Ryokan https://tokiwa-ryokan.com/
Reservations can also be made through Booking.com and Tripadvisor.jp.