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  3. 8. Shimanami Cycling and Ishizuchi Climbing Course

8. Shimanami Cycling and Ishizuchi Climbing Course

Feel the breeze from the Seto Inland Sea as you cycle along, experience the divine spirit of Mt. Ishizuchi and feel the drama of nature.

The cycling course takes you across bridges to islands in the Seto Inland Sea, and the mountain climbing course takes you to the highest peak in western Japan, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the sea and mountains.

On day 1, cycle along part of the Shimanami Kaidō, a popular mecca for cyclists. Rent a bike from in front of Imabari Station, cross the Kurushima Kaikyō Bridge, and cycle to Ōshima Island while savoring the breeze from the Seto Inland Sea. Kurushima Kaikyō is one of the most overcrowded shipping straits in Japan, and as one of Japan’s three fastest currents, it is very difficult to navigate.

On days 2 and 3, you can challenge Mt. Ishizuchi (1982m), the highest peak in western Japan. Mt. Ishizuchi has a ropeway and well-maintained trails, so even beginners can climb the mountain if they choose the right route. However, the weather in the mountains is changeable, and in the event of an accident or injury, you must have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle the situation on your own. Beginners are advised not to go there alone.

On day 2, take the winding route used by many hikers to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy wonderful views of the rocky peaks. On day 3, descend the mountain while visiting some of the tourist spots, and enjoy the beauty of the isolated valley undisturbed as few people walk to T60 Yokomineji.

Mt. Ishizuchi is a place of mountain worship where the mountain itself is the deity, and its history is older than the Shikoku Pilgrimage. The five temples numbered 60 to 64 have been greatly influenced by Mt. Ishizuchi, from their origin to their operation.

DAY1 JR Imabari Station → (cycling)Itoyama Observatory → Roadside Station Yoshiumi Ikiikiikan → Sunrise Itoyama (Imabari Central Cycling Terminal) → T55 Nankōbō → JR Imabari Station → JR Iyosaijō Station
DAY2 Bus transfer from JR Iyosaijō Station → Mt. Ishizuchi Ropeway → Ishizuchi Shrine (middle branch) → Ishizuchi Shrine (summit branch) → Tengu Summit → Ishizuchi Shrine (summit branch)
DAY3 T60 Yokomineji Annex → Hoshigamori , Inner sanctuary of T60 → T60 Yokomineji → T61 Kōonji → T62 Houjuji → JR Iyokomatsu Station

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8. Shimanami Cycling and Ishizuchi Climbing Course
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