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  3. 6. Ōzu and Uchiko Nostalgic Townscape Walking Course

6. Ōzu and Uchiko Nostalgic Townscape Walking Course

Walk through three towns that retain the atmosphere of feudal times and stay in lodgings at a mountain temple.

This model course takes you to towns on the 1,100-km Shikoku Pilgrimage route which retain their historic townscapes, especially in the western Ehime area.
On day 1, visit Unomachi where many traditional Japanese merchant houses still remain. Some of them are open for tours, so take your time and stroll around.

About 8 km north of Unomachi is a strikingly beautiful moss garden. The view from the cafe is like a framed painting.
In Ōzu, “imotaki” is held on the riverbank in September and October, when taro and other vegetables are cooked in a large pot and eaten. If the timing is right, we recommend that you participate in this event.

On day 2, you can explore the historic town of Ōzu, known as Little Kyoto in Iyo. There are many places to visit, including Ōzu Castle, Garyū Sansō and Bansensō (the villa of a wealthy trader).
A ride on a yakatabune (a roofed pleasure boat) is also recommended for its elegant atmosphere.
Bekkaku T7 Shussekiji is located on the top of a mountain, isolated from everywhere and one of the most difficult temples of the Shikoku Sacred Sites to reach on foot. Rent an electric bike to get to the temple and stay overnight at the temple lodging.

On day 3, we recommend that you wake up early to experience the mountain temple early morning service, then move on to the third historic town, Uchiko, once a prosperous center of wax and paper production with many traditional merchant houses.

DAY1 JR Unomachi Station → T43 Meisekiji → Unomachi historic town → Cafe Kokemushiro (moss garden) → Ōzu
DAY2 Ōzu historic town→ (Cycling)Bekkaku T7 Shussekiji
DAY3 temple early morning service → Bekkaku T8 Toyogahashi → Uchiko historic town → JR Uchiko Station

Model Course name
6. Ōzu and Uchiko Nostalgic Townscape Walking Course
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