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  3. 5. Kochi Temples and Niyodo River Cycling Course

5. Kochi Temples and Niyodo River Cycling Course

A trip to temples in Kochi and the clear waters of the Niyodo River, where you can enjoy the pleasant breeze while cycling at your own pace.

This course includes a one-day tour around the center of Kochi City and a two-day tour along the Niyodo River, which flows a little to the west, visiting temples and river sights by rental bike.

On day 1, rent an electric bike at Tosa Terrace, the tourist information center in front of JR Kochi Station, and start the tour. At T31 Chikurinji, you can try meditation under the guidance of a Buddhist monk. When proceeding from T32 to T33, you take a small ferry across Urato Bay. Don’t forget to check the timetable. Bikes also can be taken on the ferry.

On days 2 and 3, you tour the middle reaches of the Niyodo River and its rich natural surroundings. Start by renting a cross bike at Ino-cho Tourist Association. Niyodo River is a popular outdoor spot known as “Niyodo Blue” because of its clear emerald blue color. As you go upstream, you can enjoy the contrast with the green of the mountains.

Along the river, there are spots with spectacular views, activity facilities, cafes, and historic townscapes, so take your time to enjoy the area according to your interests.
For example, Ino-cho is one of Japan’s leading washi (Japanese paper) production areas, and you can try your hand at paper-making at the Paper Museum. Kochi is also one of the best sake-producing areas in Japan and you can visit a sake brewery. Experience the local culture nurtured in this rich natural environment. However, please note that it is prohibited by law to cycle after drinking alcohol.

DAY1 JR Kochi station → (cycling)T31 Chikurinji → T32 Zenjibuji → Urado Bay Ferry → T33 Sekkeij
DAY2 (cycling)Japanese Paper Museum → Roadside station QRAUD → Nagoya Chinkabashi (Submersible bridge) →Kochi Ice Cream
DAY3 (cycling)Suigei Brewery (Tosagura) → T35 Kiyotakiji→ JR Kochi station

Model Course name
5. Kochi Temples and Niyodo River Cycling Course