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  3. 3. Kakurinji and Tairyuji Mountain Temple and Coastal View Walking Course

3. Kakurinji and Tairyuji Mountain Temple and Coastal View Walking Course

Walking the two most difficult sections of the Tokushima Pilgrim Path to a seaside town is a challenge, but you can enjoy nature for 4 days.

This course in the eastern part of Tokushima Prefecture has many ups and downs. The majority of the mountain paths on days 1 and 2 are nationally designated sites of great historic value, with ancient paths preserved in good condition from ancient times. Days 3 and 4 take you through the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. This 4-day plan allows you to experience both the mountains and the sea.

On day 1, you visit T20, and on the second day T21. Both temples are located on top of a mountain at an altitude of approximately 500 meters, and the route is famous for a difficult section called “henro-korogashi,” or “where pilgrims fall down.” The inner sanctuary of T21 is a spiritual place that appears in Kukai’s writings and is definitely worth a visit.

If you have time, we also recommend visiting Hoshi-no-Iwaya, the inner sanctuary of T19 Tatsue-ji, and Bekkaku T3 Jigen-ji. These temples are like something out of the spiritual world, isolated from everyday life, with an otherworldly atmosphere.

On day 3, once over the Kaitani Pass, the mountain village scenery changes drastically, and the Pacific Ocean spreads out below you from the observatory on the Pass. From here to Hiwasa, the tour alternates between fishing villages in the inlets and mountain roads on the peninsula, and you can listen to the sounds of the tide as you walk along. Eventually the town of Hiwasa comes into view and you will see Ōhama Beach, famous for sea turtles that come to lay their eggs.

On day 4, we recommend that you wake up early and savor the dawn on the Ōhama Coast. After spending some memorable time here, rent a bike and head to Senba-kaigai Cliff. Walking along the boardwalk, you can enjoy the contrast between the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean.

DAY1 JR Tatsue Station → T19 Tatsueji → T20 Kakurinji
DAY2 Omatsu Daigongen → T21 Tairyūji → Shashingadake , Inner sanctuary of T21 → T22 Byōdōji
DAY3 Kaitani Pass → Tainohama Beach → Ebisudo Cave →Ōhama Coast
DAY4 T23 Yakuōji → Road station Hiwasa → (Cycling)Senba-kaigai Cliff → JR Hiwasa Station

Model Course name
3. Kakurinji and Tairyuji Mountain Temple and Coastal View Walking Course
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