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  3. 9. Kagawa Walking Pilgrimage and Shōnai Peninsula Cycling Course

9. Kagawa Walking Pilgrimage and Shōnai Peninsula Cycling Course

Visit 13 temples and tour a scenic peninsula in western Kagawa.

This plan allows you to enjoy both the pilgrimage and a cycling tour of western Kagawa, home to a series of stunning landscapes that have been used as movie locations. They are within cycling distance of the pilgrimage route, so we recommend visiting them.

On day 1, cycle around the Shōnai Peninsula. In Japan, you must cycle on the left side of the road, so we recommend going clockwise round the peninsula in order to follow the coast. Zenigata Sunae Sand Art is a gigantic sand sculpture of a copper coin used in the 15th to 17th centuries; supposedly, you will never run out of money if you see it. A shortcut from beside the hondō (main hall) of T69 takes you to the observatory deck, about a five-minute walk away. Chichibugahama Beach is a popular photo spot where the tide pools beautifully reflect the scenery during low tide when there is no wind. Note that the road has many bends and ups and downs, so cycle carefully.

On days 2 and 3, do the Nanakasho Mairi or 7-Temple Pilgrimage from T71 to T77 that has been popular since ancient times. On day 2, visit temples T71 to T74. There is a legend surrounding Shashingatake Zenjō, the inner sanctuary of T73, which says that seven-year-old Kukai threw himself off the rocky cliff, claiming “I want to become a monk and save all beings. If not, I will offer myself to Buddha.” Climb the steep rocky slope using the iron chains to an altitude of 481m. We also recommend that you visit Kotohiragu Shrine, just 30 minutes away by bike.

On day 3, participate in the early morning Buddhist ceremony at Zentsūji and continue your Nanakasho Mairi. If you have enough energy left, go to T79. If not, you can take the train which runs parallel to the pilgrimage path. Western Kagawa has many famous udon restaurants. We highly recommend trying udon.

DAY1 (cycling)T70 Motoyamaji → T69 Kannonji → T68 Jinnein → Zenigata Sunae Sand Art → Chichibugahama Beach → Kamonokoshi Coast → Hakoura Visiter House → Flower Park Urashima
DAY2 T71 Iyadaniji → T72 Mandaraji → T73 Shusshakaji → Shashingatake Zenjō, Inner sanctuary of T73 → T74 Kōyamaji → (cycling)Kotohiragu Shrine
DAY3 T75 Zentsūji → T76 Konzōji → T77 Dōryūji → T78 Gōshoji → T79 Tennōji → JR Yasoba Station

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9. Kagawa Walking Pilgrimage and Shōnai Peninsula Cycling Course
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