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  3. 2. 17 Tokushima Temples and Amagoi-no-Taki Falls Cycling Course

2. 17 Tokushima Temples and Amagoi-no-Taki Falls Cycling Course

Experience the highlights of the cycling pilgrimage in Tokushima and enjoy a side trip to spectacular waterfalls

This is a good route to take to visit the temples in the first section of the Shikoku Pilgrimage in western Tokushima by bike. Most of the pilgrimage paths are paved for easy cycling. Where there are unpaved mountain trails, you can take prefectural roads or leave your bike behind and walk.

On day 1, you cycle from T1 to T10 along the north bank of the Yoshino River. Urban and rural landscapes alternate, giving you a picture of local life.
On day 2, you cross the 404m-high Nashinoki Pass. It is a long uphill climb, but you have time to get off your bike and walk if it becomes too hard to bike.
On day 3, the road is generally downhill. You will be refreshed by cycling through deep green mountains and along the clean waters of the Akui River.

One good thing about cycling is that you can make side trips to places that are a short distance away. Amagoi-no-Taki Falls and Konji-no-Taki Falls, the ascetic training site of Konji Temple, have spiritual powers. It is hard to reach them on foot in terms of time and physical fitness. Why not take this opportunity to stop by? But please be careful of cars on the busy roads.

DAY1 JR Bando Station → (Cycling)T1 Ryōzenji → T2 Gokurakuji → T3 Konsenji → T4 Dainichiji → T5 Jizōji → T6 Anrakuji → T7 Jūrakuji → T8 Kumadaniji → T9 Hōrinji → T10 Kirihataji →
DAY2 (Cycling)T11 Fujii-dera  → Amagio-no-taki Falls → Kamiyama Village → T12 Shōsanji → Zaō Daigongen, Inner sanctuary of T12
DAY3 (Cycling)Konji-no-Taki Falls → T13 Dainichiji → T14 Jōrakuji → T15 Awa Kokubunji → T16 Kannonji → T17 Idoji → JR Tokushima Station

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2. 17 Tokushima Temples and Amagoi-no-Taki Falls Cycling Course
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