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  3. 10. Walking and Cycling Course Along Ancient Paths to Last 8 temples

10. Walking and Cycling Course Along Ancient Paths to Last 8 temples

Stay in the center of Takamatsu for three days and enjoy walking along ancient paths and climbing hills.

This course takes you to the last 8 temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Day 1 is on foot, and days 2 and 3 are by electric bike. Staying in Takamatsu for two nights makes the travel distance longer, but it means you can travel light and leave your baggage at the accommodation.

On day 1, visit T80 to T82 on Goshikidai in western Takamatsu. Goshikidai is a table-shaped massif. Although the approach path is steep, it is generally flat and pleasantly surrounded by a broadleaf forest once you get into the mountains. Walking along the ancient path between T81 and T82, you will find many old milestones called chōseki and statues of Buddha. You will get a sense of the long history of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. The colored leaves in autumn are stunning in this area, attracting many visitors every year. Kinashi city at the foot of Goshikidai is a major pine bonsai production area; you can see the artistic bonsai at Takamatsu Bonsai no Sato.

On day 2, go to T83 in the southern part of Takamatsu and T84 and T85 in the eastern part by electric bike. Although T84 is located on Mt. Yashima, you will have no trouble going up the mountain by electric bike. At the summit, you can cycle along the path that circles the summit (two kilometers). The area around T86 is a production area of Aji stone (granite), which is used in castles and gardens, and contains many stone shops. We recommend stopping at Ritsurin Garden, a beautiful Japanese garden, and Shikoku Mura, an open-air museum with 19th-century houses and traditional buildings. Both places give a feel of history and culture.

On day 3, visit T87 and T88. Maeyama Ohenro Kōryū Salon is located near the dam between the temples. It displays valuable Shikoku Pilgrimage data and serves as an aid station before Mt. Nyotaisan and the last temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. From T88, it is an easy ride back to Takamatsu.

DAY1 JR Kokubu Station → T80 Kokubunji → T81 Shiromineji → T82 Negoroji → JR Kinashi Station → JR Takamatsu Station
DAY2 (Cycling)Ritsurin Garden → T83 Ichinomiyaji → T84 Yashimaji → Walking around on Mt. Yashima → Shikoku Mura → T85 Yakuriji → T86 Shidoji
DAY3 (Cycling)T87 Nagaoji → Maeyama Ohenro Kōryū Salon → Museum of Astranominal Telescopes → T88 Ōkuboji → JR Takamatsu Station

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10. Walking and Cycling Course Along Ancient Paths to Last 8 temples
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