2. Model Course
  3. 1. Tokushima Trial Pilgrimage Course

1. Tokushima Trial Pilgrimage Course

Walk from Temple No.1 to No. 12 along a path rich with the charms of the Shikoku Pilgrimage

This route covers the first section of the 1,100-kilometer Shikoku Pilgrimage around Shikoku Island. It includes various elements of the Shikoku Pilgrimage, such as cities, fields, and mountains, giving you an overall picture of the pilgrimage.

From T1 Ryōzenji to T10 Kirihataji, you will pass through paddy fields with the Sanuki Mountains on your right and the Tokushima Plain on your left. The pilgrimage path is used for daily transportation and is easy to walk. Locals will greet you warmly as you pass by.

From T10 Kirihataji to T11 Fujiidera, you will cross the Yoshino River, the longest and widest river in Shikoku. There is a huge island in the river called Zennyujito that offers beautiful views of blooming flowers depending on the season. The roads are generally paved as far as T11 Fujiidera.

From T11 Fujiidera, the road turns into the famous mountain trail of the pilgrimage route. Follow the Ojizōsama, statues of Jizō Bodhisattva standing along the trail route, and the pilgrim rest huts as your path markers. The path goes up and down, winds through broadleaf forests, and offers scenic views, attracting pilgrims and local hikers. You might see heartwarming boards with encouraging words for pilgrims hanging from the tree branches. From T12 Shōsanji, the path goes downhill, so watch your step to avoid falling.

Each of the twelve temples has unique characteristics. You can feel the history and the worship culture of the temples. This route is popular with many pilgrims and is filled with the charms of the Shikoku Pilgrimage.

DAY1 JR Bando Station → T1 Ryōzenji → T2 Gokurakuji → T3 Konsenji → Aizen-in, Inner sanctuary of T3 → T4 Dainichiji → T5 Jizōji → T6 Anrakuji
DAY2 T7 Jūrakuji → T8 Kumadaniji → T9 Hōrinji → T10 Kirihataji → T11 Fujii-dera
DAY3 Shōsanjimichi → Chōdo-an → Ryūsui-an→ Ipponsugi-an → T12 Shōsanji → Joshin-an → Shōsanji Bus Stop

Model Course name
1. Tokushima Trial Pilgrimage Course
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