2. Model Course
  3. 4. Cape Muroto Seaside Cycling Course

4. Cape Muroto Seaside Cycling Course

Cycle along the Pacific Ocean from T23 to T30, making some side trips on the way.

Since the temples on the Pacific Ocean side are far from each other, why not cycle instead of walking? We have created a pleasant course from Hiwasa in Tokushima to Cape Muroto and Kochi city, with the Pacific Ocean on your left. There are eight temples from T23 to T30 on this route. A variety of unique tourist attractions also await you along the way.

On day 1, start from Hiwasa Station in Tokushima Prefecture. After visiting T23, the course splits into two. Although we recommend the seaside Minamiawa Sunline, it has some ups and downs, so you may prefer to take the inland road to Mugi. There are two interesting temples in Tokushima’s southernmost seaside region, Jomanji Temple and Namikiri Fudoson. Jomanji Temple offers a Zen meditation experience and Namikiri Fudoson, with its entire area covered in moss, has a mysterious atmosphere.

On day 2, cycle to Cape Muroto. The coast around Cape Muroto is a treasure trove of oddly shaped gigantic rocks. If you are interested, visit Muroto Global Geopark Center. T24 is located at the top of the mountain, so park your bike at the foot and walk up.

On day 3, cycle to Aki. There are two tourist attractions here: Monet’s Garden, inland from Nahari Town, and Doi Kachū (Former Samurai Residences), inland from Aki. You can easily visit them on your bike. For T26 and T27, park your bike at the foot of the mountain and walk up.

On day 4, follow the bike path to Yasu, but beware of pedestrians who share the path with cyclists. From Yasu, head inland through the countryside.

On this course, the vast Pacific Ocean is always on your left. You can go down to the beach or the seashore when you want to take a break.

DAY1 Roadside Station Hiwasa → (Cycling)T23 Yakuōji → Senba-kaigai Cliff → Bekkaku T4 Sabadaishi honbō → Jōmanji Temple → Namikiri Fudōson
DAY2 (Cycling) Ikumi Surfing Beach → Bukkaian → Sakihama Fishing Port → Meotoiwa Rock → Haikō (abolished school) Aquarium → Muroto UNESCO Global Park → T24 Hotsumisakiji → Cape Muroto Lighthouse → T25 Shinshōji
DAY3 (Cycling) T26 Kongōchōji → Kukai’s Pilgrimage Cultural Center → Kiragawa Historic Streets → Jardin de Monet Marmottan → Oka Goten Garden → T27 Kōnomineji → Iokido Cave
DAY4 (Cycling) Doi Kachū (Former Samurai Residences)・Nora Dokei (Field clock) → Akano Observatory → Tei Port Movable Bridge → Ekingura → T28 Dainichiji → Matsumoto Daishi Hall → T29 Tosa Kokubunji → Nishijima Horticultural Park → T30 Zenrakuji → Hirome Market → JR Kochi Station

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4. Cape Muroto Seaside Cycling Course
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