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Monitoring Procedures

In this section, we will explain the process from the decision to request the monitors to the actual content of the monitoring and the subsequent reservation of lodging on our part (Shikoku Pilgrimage Information Center).

1. Our staff will contact you by email

Those selected to be monitors will be contacted via email. We will explain conditions, and precautions and other details. If you have any questions or requests, we can discuss them individually. If we come to a mutual agreement, we will formally ask you to join our project.

2. Submit documents

Please submit the following documents within a week after you are selected. We will send you an e-contract that you can sign and return, or you can print out and sign the PDF form from the button below.

  • “Shikoku Pilgrimage” Monitoring Agreement
  • Consent Form for Collection and Use of Personal Information

3. Fill out the Pre-monitoring Questionnaire

Please complete the pre-monitoring questionnaire by clicking the button below at least 10 days prior to your arrival in Shikoku. In the questionnaire, we will ask you for information such as the date you plan to start monitoring, the date you plan to end monitoring, and your contact information during the trip.

4. Monitoring and taking photos on the Shikoku Pilgrimage

  • During your Shikoku pilgrimage, follow these steps for monitoring:
    • Use the “QR Information System” for monitoring. Start by scanning the QR codes displayed at temples, tourist information centers, inns, and other locations using your smartphone. Enter your name and contact details, then click “Check-In.”
    • As you proceed through the Shikoku pilgrimage, read the information obtained from QR codes at temples, tourist information centers, inns, and other locations.
    • Once you have finished your Shikoku pilgrimage, please “Check-out” from the QR codes displayed at temples, tourist information centers, inns, and other locations.
  • Take photos of remarkable places and events along the journey. If possible, include yourself in the photos.

5. Face to Face Interview:

Share your experience by answering questionnaires or doing in-person interviews in Kagawa. (Near Temple 83-84)

6. Fill out the Post-monitoring Questionnaire and submit photos

  • After the monitoring phase is completed, please respond to the “Post-Monitoring Questionnaire” within a week and submit over 10 photos separately via email.

Remuneration Details:

  • Information Service :If you have inquiries, please feel free to contact us via email or messenger. The staff at the Shikoku Pilgrimage Information Center will provide the information you seek and assist in making your pilgrimage journey memorable.
  • Financial support:Before commencing your Shikoku pilgrimage, we will help arrange lodging for the first night according to your schedule. Following that, we will continue assisting you with lodging reservations through email or messenger, taking into account your preferred dates.
  • The institute will cover a portion of the cost of accommodations used within Shikoku Island (Up to 8,000 yen per night, once in each prefecture, up to a total of 4 facilities, for a maximum total of 32,000 yen.).
  • Commemorative gift:After completing the monitoring, participants will receive a “certificate of completion” as a commemorative gift after answering a questionnaire and an interview.