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Foreign monitors wanted!

We are looking for foreign monitors

Let me ask you a few questions. Are you:

  • planning to start walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage between mid-September to mid-November of 2023?
  • a subscriber to our newsletter?
  • a non-resident of Japan?
  • an experienced through-hiker?
  • willing to stay in touch with the Pilgrimage Information Center by e-mail or messenger before and during your pilgrimage?
  • willing to share your experience by answering questionnaires or doing in-person interviews (near Temple 82-83)?

If so, then we would like to invite you to apply for our Trail Monitoring Program for 2023.

Purpose and Content of the Monitor Program

The Shikoku Pilgrimage Information Center aims to provide a safe and pleasant environment for travelers from outside Japan to visit the Shikoku Trails area.

We have now been in operation for three years. As we are constantly seeking to evolve, we have used valuable feedback from the approximately 100 foreign monitors who have participated in our activities thus far to make a number of improvements in our operations.

This year, we are looking for about 20 people to walk the Shikoku Pilgrimage while using our newly developed “QR Information System”. Please check out the usability and content of this system and let us know how you feel about it locally. We hope you will share your opinions on this system with us so that we can make the pilgrimage even better by responding to the needs of visitors from other countries as they travel around Shikoku.

What is the QR Information System?

QR codes will be posted at Shikoku pilgrimage sites, tourist information centers, guest houses, etc.

The codes contain information about Shikoku pilgrimage. By scanning the QR codes placed at each temple, for example, visitors can obtain information on the layout of the temple grounds (Main Hall, Daishi hall, temple office), as well as temple history and highlights. Foreign visitors can also “Check-in” with their name and contact information (e-mail address, etc.) via these QR codes. They will then receive Tabinaka (mid-travel) support from the Pilgrimage Information Center.

Incentives (support for monitors)

  • Inside information: upon request, the staff of the Pilgrimage Information Center will help to make your pilgrimage unforgettable by providing detailed information on accommodations, sightseeing, Buddhist experience, etc. that may not be available via the QR Codes.
  • Financial support: The Pilgrimage Information Center will cover a portion of the cost of accommodations used within Shikoku Island (Up to 8,000 yen per night, once in each prefecture, up to a total of 4 facilities. Those selected will receive detailed conditions.)
  • Commemorative gift: After completing the monitoring, participants will receive a “certificate of completion” as a commemorative gift after answering a questionnaire and an interview.

Conditions of Participation

  • Those who plan to start walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage between mid-September to mid-November of 2023
  • A subscriber to our newsletter
  • Non-resident of Japan
  • An experienced through-hiker
  • Willing to stay in touch with us by e-mail or messenger before and during your pilgrimage.
  • Willing to share your experience by answering questionnaires or doing in-person interviews (near Temple 82-83) in Takamatsu.
  • Be able to take at least 20 photos on the pilgrimage and share them via messenger or google drive to us.

Application Period

July 29, 2023(Saturday) – August 31, 2023(Thursday)

How to Apply

Please click the button below to go to the Monitor Application Form and answer the questions.

Announcement of results

Those selected will be notified individually by e-mail from The Shikoku Pilgrimage Information Center.
We reserve the right to refuse an application if the number of participants exceeds the capacity or if the participant’s conditions do not match our requirements.