Check-in Service Information

Welcome to Shikoku Pilgrimage.
As you know, the Shikoku pilgrimage is a long journey of more than 1,200 kilometers in total length. Those who are planning to make the pilgrimage have probably gathered information and made plans in advance, but even so, there may be unexpected things that happen when you actually start walking, or you may feel confused because you do not understand the language.

We would like to help you whenever you need us. Please register as a pilgrim by clicking the button for check-in below. If you check in, we will do our best to help you, for example, by assisting you with lodging reservations or providing you with information within the Shikoku pilgrimage area. If you need help, just contact us via email or messenger. Check-in is easy and costs absolutely nothing.

In addition, QR codes are posted at the 88 temples on the Shikoku pilgrimage route ahead, providing information on the history of each temple and a map of its precincts in eight languages. The locations where the codes are posted vary from temple to temple: at the entrance to the temple office (Nōkyōjo), at counters, on bulletin boards, and on workbenches. Some are located at the main gate (Sanmon) or the main hall (Hondō). If you see one, please scan it with your smartphone and read the contents.

We, the Pilgrimage Information Center, have been commissioned by the Japanese government to improve the reception environment for foreign visitors so that they can safely and comfortably travel around the Shikoku pilgrimage area. We are currently testing this check-in service. Your cooperation will help us improve the quality of our activities, benefit other pilgrims, and pass on the Shikoku pilgrimage to future generations. We look forward to your cooperation.